Plan Schemes
Assistance to NGOs in the Promotion, Conservation and Preservation of  Environment


The main purpose of this scheme is to promote and assist various NGOs including RWAs, Voluntary organizations  in the conservation, preservation of environment and pollution control activities.  Non Governmental Organization play a vital role in the popularization of Govt. policies and various measures being taken by the Government Department for controlling the degradation of environment.   NGOs also play an important role in the identification of local problems. The objectives of the schemes are to utilize the expertise available with Non-Governmental Organizations, which are engaged in environment related activities, for developing various programmes and activities for promotion, conservation and preservation of environment of National Capital Territory of Delhi. The schemes provide financial support to NGOs for the development of projects and programmes relevant to ecology and environment.


The financial assistance under the said plan scheme is only for the projects/proposals, which are conducted w.r.t. the issues/area related to National Capital Territory of Delhi.

Guidelines for Financial Assistance to NGOs

The plan scheme of Assistance to NGOs in the Promotion, conservation and Preservation of Environment is coordinated by:

Dr. Chetna Anand, Sr.Scientific Officer,
Department of Environment,
Govt. of NCT of Delhi,,
6th Level, C-Wing, Delhi Secretariat,
I.P.Estate, New Delhi - 110002
Phone No. 23392029                

Utilization Certificate
Format for submission of Proposal

Final Grant Released is 2020-2021

Project Sanctioned to NGOs (2019-20)

Project Sanctioned to NGOs (2018-19)

Project Sanctioned to NGOs (2016-17)
Project Sanctioned to NGOs (2015-16)
Project Sanctioned to NGOs (2014-15)
Project Santioned to NGOs (2013-14)
Project Sanctioned to NGOs (2012-13)
Project Sanctioned to NGOs (2011-12)

 Rating Unit Samajik Suvidha Sangam


Promotion of Manufacturing Eco-Friendly Products from recycled plastics, hand made paper etc. :-

The Hon’ble High Court of Delhi UICWP No. 6456/2004 has directed that suitable action plan for encouraging/promoting manufacturing of products made out of recycled plastics into dustbins, mats, cloth, hangers etc.
          This issue has been taken by the Dept. of Environment with Khadi & Village Industries commission they have informed the Dept. that under the KVIC “Prime Minister Employment Generation programme” the scheme for manufacturing of products made out of recycled plastic, manufacturing of hand made paper bags etc are available.
          Interacted individual members as well as NGOs, can under take such programme and can avail assistance. For Further details refer the KVIC website at or contact, Directors State office, KVIC, Choudhary Building, Canugat Place, New Delhi.


1. Name of the Scheme/Project Assistance to NGOs in the Promotion Conservation and preservation of environment
2. Aim and objective of the Schemes
  • The main purpose of this scheme is to promote & assist various non-governmental
  • organizations including NGOs in the conservation,  preservation     of  environment and pollution control activities.
  • To implement various programmes of environment department through NGOs/RWAs.

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