Plan Schemes
Public Environmental Awareness and Other Activities

Public Environmental Awareness and Other Activities

Awareness is the basic tool for protection of the environment. The Public Environmental Awareness programme aims at creating awareness amongst general public and different segments of the society for minimizing and controlling pollution. Campaign activities are planned and executed under this plan scheme.  These include:

Anti-Littering and Anti Plastic Bag Campaign including waste minimization and management.
Clean Yamuna Campaign.
Anti-Fire Crackers Campaign on the occasion of Diwali festival.
Prohibiting burning of leaves campaign.
All other environmental & pollution control related issue.
The Department creates awareness by adopting multidimentional approach involving various media.  The campaigns also involve active participation of Residents Welfare Associations, Market Traders Associations, Industrial Associations, Schools/Colleges, Institutions, Corporates & NGOs.

The plan scheme of Public Environmental Awareness and Other Activities is coordinated by:


Sh. Kaushal Kishore, Deputy Secretary, 
Department of Environment, 
Govt. of NCT of Delhi, 
6th Level, C-Wing, Delhi Secretariat, 
I.P.Estate, New Delhi - 110002.

Phone No. -23392032

1. Name of the Scheme/Project Public Environmental Awareness And other activities.
2. Aim and objective of the Schemes

To create public environmental awareness and encouraging participation of various citizen groups as registered  Residents Welfare Associations, Group Housing Societies, Market and Traders Associations,  Industries Associations,Trade Unions,Nature Clubs, employees Associations of both private and public sector, youth clubs, Women Associations, Senior Citizen Groups in spreading awareness amongst the citizens and protection of environment in their neighborhood and in the city as well.

Environmental awareness is not to be achieved as a mere knowledge factor but

there needs to be a perception change and behavioral shift w.r.t. dealing with day-today
activities at every level and covering all sections of the society.

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