Particulars of organization


Delhi has a unique status being capital of the nations as well as city state. Developmental activities in various sectors over the last decade resolved in huge migration. This influx of people has increased greatly in recent times putting the city under tremendous pressure of various kinds of pollution. The rapid growth of Delhi has resulted in significant increase in environmental pollution, such as air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and also the pollution due to the municipal solid waste, bio-medical waste and hazardous waste etc. Ever increasing population in Delhi has resulted in various problems of cleaning up and disposal of waste generated in the city.

In light of increasing environmental problems in the capital city of Delhi, Govt. of NCT of Delhi has been deeply concerned and has taken various steps to control and reduce the environmental pollution. For this very purpose Department of Environment, Govt. of NCT of Delhi has been assigned challenging responsibilities of assisting in policy decisions in order to improve the over all environmental quality in Delhi.

The staff structure of Environment Department is as under:


Vision/Mission statement

The Department is actively engaged in overall environmental assessment, protection and awareness building among the people of Delhi. A multi dimensional approach is being adopted by the Department for promotion, conservation and preservation of Environment of the NCT of Delhi. The Department is also actively promoting various initiatives through Bhagidari to make Delhi clean, green and pollution free.

Function and Duties


For the improvement of over all environmental quality, at present, the Department of Environment, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, is implementing the following plan schemes on behalf of Delhi Govt.:    
  1. Public Environmental awareness and other activities.
  3. Pollution Control and Hazard  Management.
  5. Technical set up in the Department of Environment.
  7. Environment data generation, survey, research, project and other activities.
  9. Involvement of weaker sections of society in improvement and upgradation of the Environment.
  11. Carbon credit facilities(Climate Change).
  13. Delhi Parks and Garden Societies.
  15. Science Technology Awareness Programme.
  17. Eco Clubs in Schools/Colleges.
  19. Assistance to NGOs in the promotion, conservation and preservation of environment.
  21. Integrated Waste Management.
  23. Solar Energy/Renewable Energy.
  25. Energy Efficiency and Conservation.
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