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I.  Plastic Waste

Ministry of  Environment, Forests and Climate Change, GOI has notified revised Plastic Waste  Management Rules 2016 on 18.03.2016 and amended in 2018. These rules entrust  the responsibility of plastic waste management with Urban Development  Department and the Urban Local Bodies.

 Plastic Carry Bags:  

Delhi  Govt. had imposed ban on manufacture, sale, storage, usage, import and  transport of all kinds of plastic carry bags in NCT of Delhi vide Notification  dated 23.10.2012.  This notification was  challenged in the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi by All India Plastic Industries  Association (WPC 7012/2012). 


On  05.12.2016, Hon’ble High Court of Delhi transferred the matter to the Hon’ble  NGT. Hon’ble High Court directed the  respondents not to take any coercive steps for implementation of the said  Notification for a period of eight weeks from 05.12.2016 or till appropriate  order is passed by NGT. The matter is being defended as OA 4 (THC)/2017 in the  Hon’ble NGT.

Hon’ble NGT as per its order  dated 10.08.2017  in RA 1/2017 in OA 281/2016,  titled, “Kudrat Sandhu vs. GNCTD & Ors.” and OA 4(THC)/2017 titled, “All  India Plastic Industries Association and Anr. Vs. GNCTD and Ors.” directed that there shall be complete prohibition on use of plastic  carry bags, made of plastic less than 50 microns and are non-compostable in  entire NCT Delhi, for any purpose whatsoever. The Hon’ble Green Court also  directed the NCT Delhi, Delhi Pollution Control Committee and all public  authorities /local bodies to ensure that sale, storage and use of such plastic  at the shops or otherwise is not permitted. If any person is found in  possession or uses such plastic, shall be liable to pay Environmental  compensation of Rs. 5000/- per default.

Teams  of officers from Revenue Department, NDMC, 3 MCDs, DPCC and Delhi Cantonment  Board are implementing the said NGT directions in their respective areas of  jurisdiction.

And as per order dated 01.08.2018, in OA 4(THC)/2017, Hon’ble NGT has adjourned the matter sine die since some issues are pending with the Hon’ble Supreme Court to decide.  

II. Biomedical Waste

Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, GOI has notified new revised Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules, 2016. The prescribed authority for implementation of the provisions of these rules is Delhi Pollution Control Committee.


  •In Delhi, there are two bio-medical waste management facilities registered with DPCC.

o    Facility at SMA Industrial Area managed by M/s Biotic Waste Solutions.

o    Facility at Nilothi plant managed by SMS Water Grace BMW Pvt Ltd.

•    Around 25 MT of bio-medical waste is being treated at these facilities every day.


III. Municipal Solid Waste

•    In Delhi, 5 Municipal Authorities are responsible for Municipal solid Waste Management in the respective areas of their jurisdiction. Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, GOI has notified the revised Solid Waste Management Rules 2016. The responsibility of management of Municipal Solid Waste has been entrusted with Urban Development Department and Urban Local Bodies.

•    There are 3 landfill sites in Delhi, namely, Bhalswa land fill site, Ghazipur land fill site and Okhla  land fill site. Bhalswa Land fill site was commissioned in the year 1994, whereas Ghazipur in 1984 and Okhla in 1996. Another Integrated MSW management plant of 4000 TPD capacity has been developed at Narela-Bawana and the plant is operational for 2000 TPD.

In addition there are 3 Waste to Energy Plants in Delhi as per the following details: 

S. No.


Plant Capacity ( MTD )

Electricity Generated (MW)



Timarpur - Okhla Waste to Energy Plant





Ghazipur Waste to Energy Plant




3.Narela Waste to Energy Plant200024Operational

•    A waste to compost plant of 200 TPD capacity run by IL&FS is also operational at Okhla

IV. Construction and Demolition  Waste

Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, GOI has notified the Construction and Demolition Waste Management Rules, 2016. Secretary in-charge of Urban Development has been cast with the responsibility for implementation of these rules.

•    A Construction and Demolition Waste processing plant of capacity 2000 MTD has been installed by M/s IL & FS and is operational at Jahangirpuri for processing of construction and demolition waste in Delhi. Another Construction and Demolition Waste processing plant of capacity 500 MTD at Shastri Park, Delhi is operational and is also run by M/s IL & FS.


•    Processed construction and demolition waste material is used for making tiles/pavement blocks and also for ready mix concrete, aggregates etc.


IV. Electronic Waste:

Govt. of India has issued revised E-Waste Management Rules 2016 which have come into force from 1st October 2016


•CPCB has issued Guidelines on e-waste management also in 2016. These are available at


•Moreover, the E-Waste Rules got amended on 22.03.2018. There are amendments for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and there is no new directions for Consumers or bulk consumers.

Minutes of Meeting of setting up of E-waste Eco Park

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