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Training Programme on Single use Plastic on 31.05.2022

Meeting with start-ups/ entrepreneurs foe alternative products of single use plastic (SUP)

1. Persentation

2. Presentation

Training Programme On Single Use Plastic and compliance on Plastic Waste Management (Amendment) rule

2022, collaboration with United Nation Environment Porgramme (UNEP), INDIA

1. Presentation by Archana Kumar

2. Presentation by Divya Dutt

3.Presentation by Lloraenc

4.Presentation by Naliani Hasirudala

5.Presentation by Tomar

6.Presentation by Chandra Bhushan

Training program on Plastic Waste Management date 05/05/2022

Training program on Plastic Waste Management date 16/04/2022

Training program on Plastic Waste Management date 08/04/2022

Training program on Plastic Waste Management date18/03/2022

Construction & Demolition Sites: Controlling Dust Emissions Sensitsation Meeting by Hon'ble Minister Environment ,GNCTD
Air Pollution -Monitoring and Management Case Study Delhi  
Noise A Pollutant Monitoring and Legislations    
Air Pollution -Issue Its Control (Part I)  
Abatement of Pollution and Conservation of River Yamuna    
Plastic Waste Reuse, Recycle & Disposal    
climate change  ,sources and Impacts  
Training Programme on Implementation of Solid Waste mgmt Rule 04-06-19 [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2

Workshop on Noise Pollution Control 16th April 2019

Workshop on Dust control 09 Oct 2018 [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2

Workshop on Noise Pollution Control 11th July 2018

Workshop on Prohibition of Open Burning on 01-02-2018 

Workshop on Prohibition of Open Burning on 14-06-2017

Workshop on E-Waste Management for Bulk Consumer on 17-05-2017

Celebration of Earth Day 2017

PPT on Air Pollution and Dust Control presented in the meeting held on 10.05.2016

Celebration of Earth Day on 22nd April 2016[ ODD-EVEN by DPCC ]

Industrial Air Pollution Control on 4th April 2016 [ COEH, MAMC ] [ CPCB ][ DPCC ]

Noise Pollution Control issues w.r.t. Firecrackers on 29th Oct 2015

Dust Control Measures on 14th Oct 2015 [Environment] [MoEFCC ] [DMRC]

Revival and Greening of Water Bodies in NCT of Delhi [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2

E-Waste Awareness - Responsibility of Bulk Consumers  

A study case of Delhi Climate Change Agenda

Key environmental legislative requirements & obligations affecting small and medium enterprises

Department of forest, govt. of NCT of Delhi

Forestry support for green Delhi movement in NCT of Delhi

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