Order on authorization of  all Assistant  Engineers (I& F CD) to check Prohibition of open burning

Noise Limiter Notification dated 21st Nov 2019

Notification on Dust mitigation Measures by Moef & CC, GOI

Public notice regarding list of approved fuels in the national capital territory of Delhi

ECC Notification dated 22-11-2017(English)

ECC Notification dated 22-11-2017(Hindi)

Direction Under Section 31(A) Air (Pollution and Control of Pollution) Act 1981 to ban bursting of firecrackers/fireworks at all times except on religious occasion.

Notification dated 10/01/2017 regarding Ban on Manja

Notification dated 16/08/2016 proposing complete ban on sharp / synthetic / plastic /chinese Manja in the NCT of Delhi
Notification dated 26-04-2016 regarding ECC and in pursuance of directions of EPCA
Notification dated 04-03-2016 regarding continuation of ECC levy beyond 29-02-2016 till further order
Notification dated 23/12/2015 with respect to Environment Compensation Charge on commercial vehicles
SEIAA-SEAC Delhi Constitution notification dated 1/4/2015 of MOEF
SEIAA authorization notification dated 28.02.2014/s 19 of E(P) Act by MOEF.
Amendment in SEIAA-SEAC Delhi Constitution notification dated 4/10/2012 of MOEF.
Guidelines for condemnation & disposal of IT Equipment
Draft Notification for inviting objections/suggestions on Prohibition of Manufacture, Sales, Storage and use of plastic carry Bags in NCT of Delhi.[English] | [Hindi]
SEIAA-SEAC Delhi Constitution notification dated 5/8/2011 of MOEF
SEIAA-SEAC Delhi Constitution notification dated 12/9/2011 of Delhi Government
Notification, S.O. 2763(E) dated 10th November, 2010 under EPA Act, 1986
Amendment Notification on Ground Water dated 25-11-2010
Authority under the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules 2000 as amended dated 10 December 2001
Authority under the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules 2000 as amended dated 03rd April 2008.
Power Delegated to Govt. of Delhi under section 5 of Environment (protection) act 1986. 
Note on removal of unauthorized encroachment from River Yamuna
Notification on Ground Water dated 12-07-2010
The Public Services (Protection and Regulation) Bill, 2010
Order No:F8(348)/EA/ENV/09/1041-1061 in respect of permission from ground water
Delhi High Court Upholds Government of Delhi Notification on Plastic Bags
Judgment of 6456 of 2004 case in r/o Plastic bags
Notification on Plastic Bag dated 07-01-2009
Notification on Plastic Bag Amendment Act 2008 
Notification on Air pollution control areas in union territory of Delhi.
Press note for the Release of Climate Change Agenda for Delhi 2009-2012
Silence Zones
Order for DG Set users
Adoption of Green Building Concept
Mandatory use of energy efficient electrical appliances
Ban on burning of leaves
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Automated System of Allotment Govt. of Delhi (e-Awas)
Common Assistant Accounts Officer(Civil) Examination 2021(Part-I and Part-II)
Delhi Budget 2017_18
Discontinuation of physical printing of Government of India Gazettes
Draft Delhi Road Safety Policy
Empanelment of Ms ICSIL for hiring of contractual manpower
Extention of date Application for the post of Other Persons Members for Lok Adalats
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